Meet the Real Bears


Isn’t that how you feel about the food industry these days? So much of our food supply is tainted with high sugar, high salt, high fat and low fibre foods. It can make it so difficult to promote healthier eating when people feel they can’t make the healthier choice because it “costs too much” or it is “inconvenient”. The food industry makes it so easy for us to make unhealthy choices, even in 2012.

But take heart! There ARE people who care about you and are fighting for the cause. Meet the Real Bears. This is a great short video from the Center for Science in the Public Interest about its work to decrease soda consumption and to promote healthier diets for all families. I think the facts about soda and their key points in the video are quite informative. It may make you think twice before you crack that pop top, eat that chocolate bar, or drink that 1 litre of 100% fruit juice.

Food for thought….and just in time for Halloween!